Are you looking for a cool, action game? Then, the game called Do Not Crash is just right for you. By the name itself, you can tell that this game involves cars but unlike other common car games, it does not involve racing or competing to the finish line instead of all the player has to do is to keep the two cars in different lanes so that they will not bump each other.

This game is basically composed of two cars and an oval racetrack consisting of two lanes. The player will then control the game by means of the mouse.

The player needs to click the mouse once he notices that the two cars are in the same lane and about t hit each other. As the games progress, the speed of the cars will also increase making the game more challenging. The player should make it a point that the cars will not collide so that they can get more points. However, at times, collision is inevitable and when this happens, the game ends.

The game Do Not Crash is definitely perfect for both young and old players. The only important requirement in playing this game is to have a proper focus and concentration as well as an excellent eye to hand coordination so that once you see that the cars are in one lane, you should be able to click the mouse immediately in order to prevent them from colliding. Indeed, Do not Crash, is a cool game.

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