Action game

The game Do Not Crash is basically an action game involving two cars and a two-lane race track. The players of this game use the computer’s mouse in order to control the game. Unlike other race games wherein you have to compete against other race cars in order to be able to reach the finish line ahead, this game’s main goal is to garner as many points as you can by making the two cars avoid each other and keep them from colliding. Because once they hit each other, it is now game over.

This game is definitely fun and entertaining at the same time a little bit challenging because you need to have the proper focus and attention to the two cars whether they are in the same lane or not.

Once they are in the same lane, the player should click the mouse so that one car will be shifted to the other lane thus preventing a collision. In addition to that, the cars increase their speed as the game progresses thus make it more difficult for the player to notice whether the cars are about to collide or not.

The game Do Not Crash is originally designed for children, however, it has now become popular among adult online gamers also because of its unique gameplay. It is among the most favorite applications downloaded. It can be easily installed on your mobile phone or computer so that you can access it anytime you feel like playing. It is an excellent stress reliever.

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