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The game Do Not Crash is an online game that is very easy to understand. Each player just has to be focused and keen enough while playing the game so that they will be able to achieve the highest number of points possible. Although it is just a simple game as mentioned, it is definitely not as easy as it may seem because it takes the right concentration and focuses with a proper hand to eye coordination to be able to effectively play the game without easily reaching a game over.

When playing the game Do Not Crash, the player’s main goal is to prevent the two cars from hitting each other. In this game, there are two cars moving around an oval which has two lanes. Once the game starts, they will randomly move around the oval and shift lanes which causes them to bump into each other.

However, if the player notices this, he should click the mouse so that the car which transferred will be returned to the other lane thus preventing the collision. The game will continue on and on as long as the cars do not hit each other.

However, as the game progresses, the speed of the two cars will gradually increase thus making it more difficult for the player to keep their eyes on the two cars. This makes the game more challenging.

The game Do Not Crash is popular in both children and adult. They usually play it during their free time.

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